Bibi Netanyahu opened a cabinet session by proclaiming:

“Tomorrow we will present the Regulation Law to the Knesset. This law is meant to normalize, once and for all, settlement in Judea and Samaria and prevent repeated attempts to hurt Jewish settlements.”

The Regulation Law retroactively legalizes thousands of Jewish homes across Judea and Samaria. These homes were built with the backing of the government. The homeowners had no prior knowledge of the existence of absentee land owners. Under the Regulation Law, the homes built on such properties will be allowed to remain, and absentee owners that can prove their claims will be given a choice of receiving an alternate plot of land or monetary compensation for 125% of their land’s value.

It should be noted that the community of Amona is not included in this law.  The 40 family community is slated to be destroyed on February 8th.