Yesterday’s momentous Knesset vote to retroactively legalize thousands of homes across Israel’s Biblical Heartland might have ruffled feathers around the world, but it went a long way to easing the pain of the Amona eviction that took place just days earlier. The law that was passed in the Knesset defuses one of the Left’s most powerful weapons the Supreme Court.  EU funded left wing organizations would capitalize on loopholes in the law that would allow them to use the Supreme court to evict Jews from their houses even if the original land owner was no where to be found. Most of these families had help from the government to move to these communities.  The Regulation Law, if allowed by the Supreme Court will legalize all of these house and communities and instead being knocked down next time there is a complaint the Arab will simply be financially compensated 125% of the property’s value.

Now that the Regulation Law has passed, the pioneers of Judea and Samara are pushing for full Israeli law to be applied to Israel’s Heartland.  Although annexation is a ways off, the Regulation Law paves the way for its eventual implementation.