As awareness of the BDS movement grows around the world, the question remains, has the movement to boycott Israel done irreversible harm by poisoning the rhetoric on college campuses and twisting how Israel is perceived in the minds of the upcoming generation?

If Columbia University can be used as an example, the answer would be yes. A report by the Zionist organization Im Tirtzu, a Columbia University-sponsored project promotes extreme anti-Israel rhetoric and provides a platform for propagators of the BDS movement. According to Im Tirtzu’s report, of the 32 authors listed on the project’s website, 17 openly support the BDS movement, 3 are affiliated with BDS organizations and 6 work for the “radical anti-Israel” NGO Adalah, which accuses Israel of committing war crimes, defends terrorists in court and works in international institutions to isolate Israel.

Ilan Sinelnikov, President of Students Supporting Israel that has been active in combating the anti-Israel bias on American universities, responded to the report and said: “This shameful anti-Israel project only emphasizes the dire situation at Columbia University and campuses throughout the US. It is shameful that such a university is sponsoring a project that provides a platform to the BDS movement, whose goal is to destroy the Jewish state.”

Sinelnikov concluded: “We are calling on the Columbia University administration to act immediately to remove this project and I am sure that our pro-Israel voices on the ground will be heard.”

The report on Columbia University illustrates the need to educate the world about the nefarious agenda of the BDS movement and its true intentions when it comes to Israel.