Tonight begins the yearly Jerusalem Day festivities commemorating the reunification of the eternal capital of Israel and the Jewish people.  This year is fifty years since the city was liberated.  It is also 50 years since the entire Biblical heartland of Israel was won back from its Arab occupiers. Jerusalem was literally and still is the gate way to these historically and spiritually important places.  Shilo, Hebron, Joseph’s Tomb, Rachel’s Tomb, and more were returned courtesy of Israel’s capturing of its Holy City.

From Jerusalem all is connected to the above as Jerusalem is the doorway between Heaven and Earth. With fifty years passed since those fateful six summer days when the world stood silenced by the Almighty’s open miracle, pioneers that have gone to these hills in Judea and Samaria are bringing the Divine Presence with them.  They build, produce, and grow on the very ancient soil that was promised to them. The return to the land is a partnership between the Creator and his people.  A gift can be given and not used properly or its beauty can be fully recognized and thus lift the entire planet up with it.

With fifty years of working and building the gift has revealed the miracle within Israel’s return. Nothing can stop Israel’s full liberation of its Divinely Mandated Homeland.

Tonight begins that journey.