[Image Source: Byron Wu]

Amnesty International has launched a new campaign calling on countries around the world to ban the import of all goods produced in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. The campaign marks the 50th anniversary of what Amnesty calls “Israel’s occupation of the West Bank”, the Independent reported.

Amnesty has specifically urged Britain to ban “settlement products” accusing the country of “shamefully” standing by as Israel has destroyed Palestinian homes and profited form their land and natural resources.

Kate Allen, director of Amnesty International UK, said, according to the Independent:

 “The UK should do the legally and morally right thing and introduce a ban on the import and sale of all goods produced in the Israeli settlements. For decades, Britain and the rest of the world has shamefully stood by as Israel has destroyed Palestinians’ homes and plundered their land and natural resources for profit,” she insisted. “The Israeli settlements are illegal – by extension, all settlement goods are tainted by illegality. The UK should no longer be party to this.”

Will this latest campaign hurt Israel’s Heartland?  Although the BDS movement is real and has won some very important victories, most of these are optical focused on influencing younger generations.  The real challenge coming from the various BDS campaigns and movements is the groundwork they are laying to help influence the narrative and dialogue.  To counteract this, a greater emphasis needs to be placed on educating those who are easily swayed by the claims of Amnesty and other anti-Israel organizations.