[Image Source: Dr. Avishai Teicher]

In Krakow, Poland on July 7th, the UN’s world heritage body (UNESCO) recognized the old city of Hebron (yes, the place that all of the Jewish patriarchs are buried) as “a Palestinian world heritage site in danger”. This comes on the heels of their last decision to condemn Israeli actions in Jerusalem and reject Israel’s sovereignty over the city. The inherent anti-Israel bias at the UN and UNESCO is so apparent that there are no words to describe just how ridiculous these recent anti-Israel UN and UNESCO decisions are. Thankfully, Israel’s allies and friends and of course leaders had words to say about these recent decisions.

Canada (starting at about the one minute mark in the clip below), the United States and Australia all spoke out to show their absolute disapproval of the resolution.


Below is Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu response to the UNESCO decision.


The following is a clip from a Knesset (Israeli parliament) meeting in which Benjamin Netanyahu quotes from the bible the portion which references Abraham’s purchase of the field of Machpelah, which is the site of the tomb of the patriarchs. Netanyahu went on to say that he would pull funding (another time) from UNESCO and that the money that would have went to the UN will go to funding the establishment of a museum of Jewish heritage for Kiryat Arba (which borders Hebron) and Hebron and additional heritage initiatives in Hebron.


Unfortunately, the UN seems emboldened to continue with its anti-Israel bias. And that means we need to fight even stronger and be even louder about our support for Israel now, more than ever. In showing your support for Israel, consider becoming a member of Lev Haolam today!