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Kedumim is located approximately thirty five kilometers northwest of Shiloh, where the Mishkan (the Tabernacle) was first placed in Israel. Kedumim was established on Hanukkah 1975, by members of a group affiliated with the Gush Emunim (block of the faithful), and led by Rabbi Menachem Felix and Benny Katzover. The Israeli government’s permission to grant the villagers permission to live on the grounds marked a shift from previous Israeli policy. From 1977 on, the government of then Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin strongly backed the community of Kedumim. Prime Minister Begin visited on May 19 and declared, “We stand on the land of liberated Israel.” In July, his government granted full legal status to Kedumim (then numbering around 100 villagers), Ofra, and Maaleh Adumim.

The residents of Kedumim have placed an emphasis on education and developed several local institutions, including: day care centers, kindergartens, two elementary schools, the Bnei Chayil Yeshiva, the Har Efrayim Yeshiva, the Lehava Ulpana High School (approx. 1,000 girls), as well as a local music academy, and a public library. Yeshivat Bnei Chayil Shomron is a high school yeshiva (Jewish seminary) that was established in 1998 in order to provide an Orthodox Jewish education for boys with ADD and ADHD. It is considered a unique facility in central Israel not limited to local students. Students in grades 7–12 are divided into classes which are limited to a maximum of fifteen boys. The school in Kedumim was originally a branch of a Jerusalem school of the same name founded by Dr. Stuart Chesner.

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Kedumim is located within the jurisdiction of the Gush Emunim Local Council. In 2015 it had a population of 4,338. The city is located in the portion of Israel that was designated for the tribe of Menashe (Manasseh).