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Anti-Israel BDS activist, Roger Waters, known for being the former Pink Floyd front man, is scheduled to appear at the Nassau Coliseum on September 15 and 16 for a show that he will perform there. Howard Kopel, an Orthodox Jewish lawmaker, representing the Nassau County community in New York, has been working to ensure that that doesn’t happen. Kopel asked the county attorney, Carnell Foskey, to determine whether the Nassau Coliseum lease requires compliance with local law 3-2016, which prohibits the county from doing business with any company participating in the economic boycott of Israel. Nassau County Attorney Carnell Foskey has indeed been quoted by Newsday (Robert Brodsky) as “threatening to take ‘appropriate legal action’” if the concert goes forward.

On May 22, 2016 I was proud that Nassau County signed into Law a piece of Legislation that I sponsored, taking a stand…

Posted by Legislator Howard J. Kopel on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Although there has been a strong push by pro-Israel activists to stop the show from happening, there are also groups and individuals arguing that Waters should have the right to play the show at the Nassau Coliseum, quoting the first amendment of the United States constitution as the basis for their argument. In particular, Jeffrey Gewirtz, chief legal and administrative officer at Nassau Events Center (NEC), which is responsible for scheduling events at the Nassau Coliseum, has been unwilling to cancel the show. In addition to the first amendment argument Gewirtz, he said that Nassau’s BDS law does not apply to Waters because he does not have a contract with the county.

Foskey said he was “reviewing NEC’s arguments.”

Please consider writing to the mayor of New York, on behalf of the Jewish community of Nassau County and for Israel, who have had to deal with anti-Israel rhetoric and bias from Roger Waters for too long. Please consider asking New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to ensure that compliance with Nassau County local law 3-2016 be upheld by the Nassau Events Center and at the Nassau Coliseum. You can fill out the web-form here to reach the mayor. We still have time to cancel the Roger Waters show in New York and deal the BDS movement a strong blow, together.

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