Helsingborg, Sweden [Image Source: David Castor]

The Helsingborg Police is investigating an anti-Semitic demonstration by a pro-Palestinian organization in which activists said Jews were ‘offspring of apes and pigs’; the group frequently posted anti-Semitic videos, pictures and posts on their Facebook page. Among the posts from the Swedish-Palestinian Center in Helsingborg were illustrated posters of Israelis with Palestinian blood on their hands and expletives aimed at Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The anti-Semitic posts were captured by Ynet News before they were subsequently taken off of Facebook. Below is the image container of a previous post that Facebook removed, in what appears to be the removal of the entire group’s page (for the images originally displayed, please see the Ynet News article).

Israel Crimes .

Posted by Svensk – Palestinska Centret I Helsingborg on Monday, August 7, 2017

Several protests were held by the Swedish-Palestinian Center in Helsingborg following the unrest at Temple Mount in Jerusalem in July, and films of the demonstrations in the Swedish city have spread on social media.

The Jewish community of Skåne County in southern Sweden decided to file a police report due to the anti-Semitic attacks made by the pro-Palestinian organization, reported state television network SVT. Videos and photos of demonstrations in Helsingborg were uploaded to the Facebook page of the organization as a result of the tension around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. “We can see that there are elements in these protests that are worrying and serious because they contain anti-Semitic insults and anti-Semitic claims in combination with a violent rhetoric,” Jewish Community of Northwest Skåne chairperson Josefin Thorell told SVT (Sveriges Television AB, the Swedish national public TV broadcaster).

Representatives of the Swedish-Palestinian Center claim that the criticism voiced during the demonstrations was not directed against the Jews as a group but against the State of Israel. Police in Helsingborg are now investigating what is really being said there. “I asked to investigate what was said, what was done and in what way it was published,” said Helsingborg Police Chief Sven Holgerson.

This past week, the organization published an anti-Semitic poster showing a photograph of Jewish immigrants descending to the shores of Israel with their trousers folded to avoid getting wet: “That’s how the Jewish Zionists came to Palestine, half naked, and that’s how they’ll leave it.” Following a struggle waged by the Israeli ambassador to Sweden, Yitzhak Bakhman, the Jewish community and friends of Israel, this post was removed.

“I am pleased to see practical evidence that the fight against anti-Semitism and hate crimes online is something that sometimes brings practical results,” Bachman concluded, calling on Israel supporters to continue the fight against anti-Semitism and incitement in all its forms.

You can see the original post below, which was uploaded by Facebook user Ilana Edner to show the hypocrisy displayed by the so-called Swedish-Palestinian Center in Helsingborg (the claim that they weren’t inciting anti-Semitism through their posts and organization). Please note that the post was not voluntarily taken down, but was taken down after a barrage of complaints were sent to Facebook to demand that it be taken down.

When the Svensk-Palestinska Centret i Helsingborg (Swedish-Palestinian Centre in Helsingborg) published such photo, one…

Posted by Ilana Edner on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Unfortunately, although the removal of the Swedish-Palestinian Center in Helsingborg Facebook page was a small victory for Israel supporters and the Jewish community at large, there is still much work to be done. For example, below you can see a picture, previously shared on the Swedish-Palestinian Center in Helsingborg Facebook page, which depicts an Israeli soldier mistreating what they would want you to believe is a “Palestinian woman.” In reality, as Facebook user Eli Braverman commented in the posts comments, the picture is actually of an Israeli soldier taking a Jewish girl from her home in Gaza, during the heart wrenching period of Israeli history known as the disengagement. The disengagement was actually the unilateral withdrawal of all Israeli presence from Gaza. This disengagement which should have pacified the Arabs living in Gaza just served to bolster the terrorist group Hamas’ position and resulted in increased rockets fired on Israel from the territory.

Palestine will be free

Posted by Palestine will be free on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lev Haolam thanks all of you who fight back against the international anti-Semitic voice and anti-Semitic community. We thank you for not staying silent when atrocities like those that took place in Sweden happen and we thank you for speaking out about false anti-Israel propaganda, biased media reports and headlines and in cases of blatant lies and incitement against Israel (like in the picture above), calling out those responsible and putting an end to their visceral rhetoric.