Munich, Germany [Image Source: Jiuguang Wang]

The Jerusalem Post reported that in late July City Council members from the two largest parties in Munich, submitted a bill banning municipal funding and support for the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement’s activities. The legislation, titled “Against every form of antisemitism – No cooperation with the antisemitic BDS movement,” is expected to be enacted after the summer break.

“The bill will pass because the CSU [Christian Social Union] and the SPD [Social Democratic Party] jointly govern and have the majority in the city council,” a spokesperson for the Jewish community told The Jerusalem Post.

According to the bill, the municipality will “not provide city premises for BDS campaigns, events, exhibits or demonstrations that pursue the goals of BDS.” In addition, the legislation states it will “not support events in the form of grants to groups” that advocate BDS.

The lawmakers from the CDU and SPD said the bill is justified because of widespread modern antisemitism in Germany targeting the Jewish state. The council members noted that a recent federal government expert report on antisemitism said 40% of Germans hold Israel-related antisemitic views.

“Neither the objective of the BDS campaign nor the antisemitic propaganda that it brings with it is compatible with a democratic, respectful city society,” wrote the nine city council representatives. Charlotte Knobloch, the president of Munich’s Jewish community, praised the city council members for “an enormously important initiative” that was “urgently needed.” Knobloch, a Holocaust survivor, said “BDS is antisemitic” and deceptive because it is “disguised as consumer protection, or human and women’s rights protections.”

Also in July, Mexican politician Hugo Eric Flores Cervantes, during a visit to Samaria, had encouraging remarks for those who have taken up the fight against BDS. In response to a question about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, Flores Cervantes said, “those who consider that the factories here [Samaria] are not producing products made on Israeli territory, are mistaken. There is no territory that is more Israeli than here,” Flores Cervantes said, adding that any other understanding is a historical mistake.

Lev Haolam thanks Germany’s CSU and SPD parties and Hugo Eric Flores Cervantes for taking action to stop BDS from harming Israel. We hope to report on more countries and international communities joining the fight against the BDS movement. Consider showing your support for the pioneers of Judea and Samaria by subscribing to our Surprise Monthly Package Project.