Negohot [Image Source: Facebook]

Negohot is located on a beautiful hilltop among the Judean Hills, approximately forty kilometers southwest of Jerusalem. The village was first established in 1982 as a military outpost. In 1998, constraints of the Nahal brigade (the military brigade that hat opened the outpost) led to the village changing hands and being turned over to Hesder (religious Israeli soldiers that attend Jewish seminaries in conjunction with army service) soldiers who volunteered for extra service to keep a residential presence on that hilltop. The soldiers renovated the area, built a study hall for Torah education and discussion and eventually completed their army service and continued to raise families there. On 25 September 2003, the night of Rosh Hashana, a Muslim terrorist killed two residents, including a seven-month-old baby girl, while the family was eating the festive holiday meal.

Many of the adult residents work outside the village, though some entrepreneurs have begun some local small businesses. One family that we had the opportunity to meet and to work with is the family of Shimrit and Baruch Foychtvanger. The Foychtvanger’s have produced one of the products that will be delivered in this coming month’s package from Lev Haolam.

Negohot is located within the jurisdiction of the Mount Hebron Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 288. The city is located in the portion of Israel that was designated for the tribe of Judah.