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Last night, at a ceremony celebrating 50 years since Jewish life returned to Samaria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu renewed his dedication to the development of the Judea and Samaria regions of Israel and promised that Judea and Samaria would never be abandoned.

The celebration took place in the community of Barkan, in Samaria. Netanyahu spoke in candid terms to the attendees about his admiration for their courage and about his commitment to continue to build up the communities there. Netanyahu started his speech by promising to never let up in his fight to bring back the POW’s (prisoners of war) who were being held captive by the terrorist group, Hamas.

Netanyahu continued to talk about his first experiences in Samaria. “I remember the first time I was in the Shomrom, more than 50 years ago. I remember my tours with the Army there. I was so impassioned to be travelling in the place that our Fathers and forefathers traveled” Netanyahu said. “I asked myself, how could it be that this place lay desolate? I said to myself one day there will be a large community here,” Netanyahu continued.

“We are in the process of a movement. We passed a complicated and hard period, and are now developing and building [the areas of] Judea and Samaria. This great effort, we engage in together. There has not been a government that has done as much as this one, in expanding Jewish life [in Judea and Samaria].”

Netanyahu went on to express his amazement at the significant expansion of jobs and employment in Samaria, in all sectors.

In renewing his dedication to seeing further expansion in Samaria, Netanyahu said, first and foremost that, “this is our fathers inheritance. This is our land. We returned here to live and we will be here, forever.” “There will not be an uprooting of any community in Israel.” Netanyahu promised.

“Samaria is a strategic asset for the State of Israel. It is the cradle of our people and the key to its future,” explained Netanyahu as the second reason for his dedication to the expansion of Samaria.

Netanyahu also thanked Yossi Dagan for his dedication to work in Samaria. Yossi Dagan is the head of the The Samaria Regional Council, which is the governing body for many of the communities in Samaria.

Marking the event, Netanyahu wrote in his Facebook post (below), “We will continue to build and develop the communities and all parts of our land.”

חוגגים הערב 50 שנות התיישבות בשומרון! ‏נמשיך לבנות ולפתח את ההתיישבות ואת כל חלקי ארצנו. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱(צילום: קובי גדעון, לע״מ)

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