Houston, amidst Hurricane Harvey [Image Source: Facebook]


Earlier today, Ynet News reported that amidst Hurricane Harvey and the destruction it has already left in its path , Yaniv Jerupi, an Israeli residing in the city of Houston, saved an elderly couple trapped in their home, using kayaks.
Jerupi told Ynet that his home in the Meyerland neighborhood of Houston wasn’t hit due to its high altitude, but the house of his friend Lior was completely flooded.

In his 15 years of living in the US, Jerupi said he has never seen a storm as hard-hitting as Harvey. “We’ve been through Ike, Rita and Hurricane Katrina,” he says, “but nothing could prepare us for this kind of storm. No housing evacuations were ordered so we didn’t think damage would be this great. When we realized the neighborhoods were flooded it was already too late.”

Jerupi also said that in the hour of crisis, his instinct as a former IDF soldier came to the fore.”Our character, and the Israeli ex-soldier instinct, led us to search for Israeli families who have been cut off due to the floods,” he said, “and we made sure to take them to safety.”

He further recounted his improvised rescue effort using a Kayak. “I took a kayak out to the heart of the neighborhood with three friends and we managed to save a couple of seniors’ whose house was flooded with water reaching a height of a meter-and-a-half.”

The Lev Haolam family sends our thoughts and prayers to the Houston community and to all those that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Together with you, we hope and pray for a speedy relief and recovery for all those that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.