A memorial for the victims of the August 17 terrorist attack at Las Ramblas St., Barcelona, Spain [Photo Credit: Jimmy Baikovicius]

A French tourist who was injured in the terrorist attack in Barcelona last month is searching for an unidentified Israeli man who he says saved his young son’s life, reported Ynet News in a recent article.

The French man, identified only by his first name Renaud, gave an eye-witness account of the atrocity on Las Ramblas street, a popular tourist attraction in Barcelona, to the French television program Sept à Huit (Seven to Eleven). He described how his young son was thrown from his arms as a terrorist mowed a van through pedestrians, killing 16 people and injuring at least 120.

Renaud was among the many people that were wounded in the attack. Despite being injured, he described how a stranger leaped into action in order to protect his son as the van continued to plow through the crowds on the boulevard.

Renaud, who was interviewed from his hospital bed where he is recovering from multiple bone fractures, continued: “I saw people get hit by the vehicle. I had my son in my arms, I just had time to do a quarter turn to try to absorb the shock. I was hit hard by the truck. It was very fast, impossible to react… An Israeli did not hesitate to jump and save my children, to recover them, while the terrorist was still in the car…  I would like to find my children’s’ savior.” he told Seven to Eight in tears.

Renaud is still in the hospital, suffering from numerous fractures. His wife and children, meanwhile, have recovered from the attack.

It was not immediately clear how Renaud was able to identify the man as being Israeli, nor where the unknown savior went in the aftermath of the attack.

The attack in Barcelona was part of an extended weekend of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Islamic extremists in Europe and Russia in mid-August.