Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and wife Sara at event with 800 members of the Mexican Jewish community [Photo Credit: Avi Ohayon, GPO]

Over the last month, Israel and Mexico have seen a warming of ties and what we in Israel hope will be the dawn of a new age of Mexico-Israel economic and strategic cooperation. Just this past week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on trip to Latin America to strengthen Israel’s connection with countries there. Netanyahu and his wife Sara, this past Thursday night, attended an event in Mexico City with 800 members of the city’s Jewish community. At the event, Netanyahu warmly remarked:

“Sara and I are very happy to be here. We are very moved, we love you. You know, you can be ambassadors for peace. You know why? Obviously. You’ve made peace between the Jews of Halab [Aleppo] and the Jews of Damascus. You give Jewish education to your children. Thank you dear children [for the welcoming songs]. There’s a Jewish heart here, a Jewish soul. I feel it.

Netanyahu’s visit to Mexico marks the first time an Israeli prime minister visited the country.

Also this past Thursday, Ynet News reported that a new Pro-Judea and Samaria lobby had recently been created in the Mexican parliament. The lobby was founded after the chairman of the country’s Social Encounter Party (PES), Dr. Hugo Eric Flores, who visited the Samaria region about a month ago. While in Israel, Flores met with the head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, and President of Parliament for Israel and Vice President of the Mexico-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Yossi Eldar. Following a move initiated by the PES party, 120 parliamentarians from Latin American countries signed a document professing cooperation with the Parliament for Israel organization, which was behind the creation of the Judea and Samaria lobby.

“These are yet more fine tidings for the expansion of Jewish communities, as well as a testament to the Samaria Regional Council’s global efforts to combat BDS. Latin America’s importance cannot be dismissed, and today it joins the enlightened people fighting anti-Semitism and delegitimization, aimed at Israel in general and Judea and Samaria in particular,” said Dagan.

“After visiting Mirpesset Peduel (the country’s ‘balcony’), along with Mr. Dagan, I was able to see with my own two eyes the distance between Tel Aviv and Samaria and Israel’s short width, I was able to comprehend in the realest possible way just how much the demand made of Israel to give up this region would lead to suicide,” said PES party Chairman Dr. Flores.

“Latin America has become the back yard of Israeli hasbara (public relations). The hundreds of millions living in that region cannot be ignored, and simple hasbara activities may yet turn the tide in favor of Israel and Judea and Samaria in international discourse,” said Eldar.

Lev Haolam thanks Dr. Hugo Eric Flores and the Social Encounter Party for standing up for Israel and recognizing the importance of Samaria to the Jewish people and to Israel’s future.

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