Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the PA (Palestinian Authority), addressed the United Nations on September 20th in what some believe may be his last appearance at the world organization. The PA is the government that was recognized and tasked by the international community with governing the Arab communities located in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Abbas took the opportunity to double down on his support for the Arabs that have attacked Israeli’s and anyone deemed non-Muslim in Israel. Arabs that attack Jews are referred to by Mahmoud Abbas as “martyrs.” In his speech to the UN, Abbas said “I salute our glorious martyrs and our courageous prisoners in Israeli jails.” Abbas was referring to those Arabs that killed our brothers and sisters because they were Israeli or because they sympathized with the Jewish people’s historical connection to the land.

In addition, these “martyrs” are paid a monthly salary by the PA of a whopping $3,500, yes US dollars. The PA currently spends more than $300 million of foreign aid money per year on monthly stipends to terrorists and their families — dubbed by many as “pay to slay.” The international community has repeatedly tried to convince and to pressure Abbas to reverse this tool of incitement which only fuels the hate, motivation and terrorist acts against Israelis and anyone living in Israel.

One of the more recent victims of Arab terrorism was a young and brave American named Taylor Force. In 2016, during the “knife-intifada,” a knife-wielding Arab assailant brutally attacked and stabbed the 29 year old Taylor to death while he and his friends from Vanderbilt University (United States) were eating dinner in Jaffa, Israel. “They were MBA students visiting Israel to interact and exchange with Israeli companies,” Stuart Force, Taylor’s father said at a recent pro-Israel Algemeiner Gala.

After the terrorist was shot and killed, his body was returned to his family by the Israeli authorities. “The celebrations began,” Force noted. “His family immediately qualified for a monthly stipend of up to $3,500 from the Palestinian Authority.”

As a result of the horrendous murder and subsequent payment of the Arab terrorist by the PA, the Force family and supporters of Israel decided to fight back against the institution and the incitement that contributed to the young Taylor’s death. As a result, the Taylor Force Act was submitted to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and it passed with a 17-4 vote on Aug. 3

The bill was added earlier this month onto a larger appropriations bill slated for a December vote, in a bid to increase its chances of passing the Senate during the current legislative session. We hope that the vote will be a sure win for Israel’s supporters and those that wish to see an end to government sponsored terror.

Please take a moment to watch the bereaved parents of the slain Taylor Force talk about what motivated them to fight back against the PA’s terror and incitement.

The next time someone says that the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas want peace, ask that person why the Palestinian Authority pays terrorists family’s monthly stipends after they commit atrocious acts that any normal civilized human would find abhorrent and intolerable. Ask them if it is moral to pay the family of a terrorist a monthly stipend for killing innocent people. Ask them if that is what peace in the Middle East looks like.

We look forward to the US Government passing the Taylor Force Act in the near future and look forward to writing more on the upcoming vote for its approval in the US Senate. The Lev Haolam family takes this opportunity to send condolences to the Taylor’s family and friends and to wish them a healthy and blessed Biblical New Year. May his memory be a blessing.