[Photo Credit: Stand With Israel]

Arabs were reported throwing rocks at passing Israeli vehicles Monday near the Arab village of Beit Ummar which is located close to the Jewish communities of Gush Etzion (Judea), according to 0404 News. Unfortunately this incident is not an isolated one. On Sunday, there were reports of Arabs throwing rocks at passing cars near the community of Karmei Tzur (Judea). On Saturday, Arabs threw stones at passing cars near the city of Modiin on highway route 443. That attack saw injured an injured child and adult passengers and caused damage to 4 different cars. Arab teenagers and younger children frequently throw rocks at the cars and vehicles of Jews travelling in the Judea and Samaria area. About a month ago, we posted about Arabs throwing rocks near the entrance to Beitar Illit (Judea). In that attack, three cars did suffer broken windows, damaged windshields, and body damage.

In addition to the rock throwing attacks, terrorists hid an explosive device at the Amos Junction in eastern Gush Etzion (Judea) this past Saturday night, the news service 0404 News reported. According to Hatzalah (a major Israeli paramedics organization) of Judea and Samaria, the device exploded and, miraculously, no one was injured. The explosive was comprised of a burning tire, in which a gas canister was embedded. The incident marks the third time in the past 3 weeks that terrorists have attempted to carry out an attack in that area by means of this type of explosive.

The busiest road in the Judea region of Israel is Highway 60. Throughout the past few years there have been scores of Israeli drivers that have had rocks, stones and even Molotov cocktails thrown at their cars on the road. This type of behavior would not be tolerated anywhere else in the world. For better or worse, Israel has been tolerating violent behavior targeted at its citizens in an effort to “exercise restraint” as the international community puts it. We hope that the Arab inhabitants of Judea and Samaria teach their children to keep their rocks, stones and Molotov cocktails to themselves and learn how to contribute to society instead of trying to destroy it.