Image of Har Adar [Photo Credit: Dan Soley ]

Har Adar, previously known as Givaat HaRadar (Radar Hill) is located on a hilltop amidst the the northern Judean hills, approximately fifteen kilometers northeast of Jerusalem. During the British rule of Israel, there was a military installation that contained a radar and the mountain therefore became known as Givaat HaRadar or Radar Hill. Much later, during the time that the community was being established, in 1986, there was much correspondence between the naming committee and the government over what to call the new community. After much discussion, it was decided that the community, in keeping with the phonetic origins of the place, called the community Har Adar, which means Adar Mountain.

The community of Har Adar is comprised of approximately of 90% secular Jews and 10% religious Jews. Har Adar is ranked 9/10 (high) on the Israeli socio-economic scale. According to Business Data Israel (BDI), in 2006 Har Adar had the most stable economy of all Israeli local councils, along with Kfar Shmaryahu.

Har Adar until recently was a relatively quite and peaceful suburban community. However, on the morning of  September 26, 2017, this past Tuesday, a 37-year-old Arab terrorist from a nearby village, opened fire on a group of security personnel, including Border Police officers and the community’s private guards. The Arab terrorist killed 3 Israelis and critically wounded 1 before he was shot dead.

Since 1995, Har Adar has had its own regional council and today is considered an independent town (most other communities in Judea and Samaria are part of regional councils). In 2015 it had a population of 3,858. The city is located in the portion of Israel that was designated for the tribe of Binyamin (Benjamin).

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the horrible terrorist attack this past Tuesday. May their names be for a blessing.