Abraham’s Spring [Photo Credit: מפוכח]

On Saturday, a 12-year-old Israeli boy was knocked unconscious after being hit in the head by a stone while at Abraham’s Spring in the city of Hebron (Judea), in what the army said was an attack by an Arab assailant, The Times of Israel reported. This ancient natural water source is believed to have been used by Adam & Eve, Abraham and Sarah and King David as a source of ritual purification. (Natural springs have been used for ritual purification purposes by Jews for thousands of years.)

According to a spokesman for the Jewish community of Hebron, a man dropped a large stone on a group of children sitting at the spring, hitting one on the head. You can watch a video of the Arab assailant below.

ככה זה נראה בזמן אמת: רוצח ערבי זורק אבן גדולה על ראשו של ילד יהודי ופוצע אותו. הילד איבד הכרה ופונה לבית החולים. מצבו קל. האם זה קשור לסיור של גלאון וחבריה אתמול בחברון? תחליטו בעצמכם.

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The boy was with his friends at the spring referred to as the Abraham’s Spring. Upon being struck by the rock, the boy’s friends immediately alerted the authorities and the boy was taken to the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, community representative Noam Arnon said. Medics arrived at the scene and took the boy to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem where he received 10 stitches for the head wound.

Hebron Child Victim image

A spokeswoman for the hospital said the boy regained consciousness and designated his injuries as minor.

Arab locals throwing rocks at Jews is an unfortunate reality in the Judea region of Israel in particular. Arab locals frequently throw rocks at Jewish residents and as a result there are frequent reports of both material and physical damage to Jewish residents and travelers in Judea.

The type of behavior displayed by the Arab assailant and the Muslim preference for terrorism against Israelis is encouraged by the Palestinian Authority and by Muslim clerics living in Israel. In his most recent speech at the United Nations Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority said, “I salute our glorious martyrs and our courageous prisoners in Israeli jails.” Abbas was referring to those Arabs that killed our brothers and sisters because they were Israeli or because they sympathized with the Jewish people’s historical connection to the land.