Israel Defense Forces soldiers speaking with one of the women after the attack [Photo Credit: The Jewish Press]

Two women, members of the extreme left NGO Machsom Watch, were attacked this week in the Arab village of Azzun (Samaria), News 0404 reported Thursday. Machsom Watch monitors and documents the conduct of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers and policemen at checkpoints in Judea and Samaria.

The two arrived in the village of Azzun to encourage and support the local Arabs. A local Arab who witnessed the women and their naive generosity took the opportunity to grab one woman’s gold bracelet that she was wearing on her wrist. The Arab began to flee, with the two woman chasing after him until the two arrived at a village adjacent to Azzun.

At that point, local Arabs began to attack the women’s vehicle with cinder blocks and stones, until IDF forces were rushed over and the women were miraculously rescued from a lynching.

“The stupidity of the extreme left brings them to similar situations every time and they do not understand the constant danger to their lives. Because of the stupidity, IDF forces had to leave operational activity and attend to an event that was born out of stupidity,” said an IDF spokesperson.

These leftist women should be thankful that our soldiers protect even the lives of those who wish to smear their names and reputation. Lev Haolam thanks these brave and committed soldiers who sacrifice their lives to protect our citizens – soldiers who do not stop to think about whether their actions will be appreciated or not, but do what is right regardless.