The community of Rehelim, from the west [Image Source: יעקב]

The Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria issued an amendment to the detailed plan of the town of Rehelim in Samaria, which will take effect within 15 days, Arutz Sheva reported.

For the first time in the town’s 26 year history, the community of Rehelim was officially recognized by the Civil Administration. This past Thursday, the day the building permits were announced, was the same day that Rachel Weiss was murdered and in whose name the community was built. (Rehelim is a reference to multiple Rachels – one of which was Rachel Weiss.) Rachel Weiss was a resident of Shiloh (Samaria) and was murdered on her way to a protest, by an Arab terrorist.

Construction in Rehelim was barred by a court order that was issued following a petition filed by the left-wing NGO Peace Now in 2009, which forbade all construction until the planning status of the town was settled.

After the filing of the petition, proceedings were initiated to normalize Rehelim’s legal status. In 2013, the commanding officer of the Central Command of the IDF signed an order recognizing the town and delineating its boundaries, and now the legality of the construction in the town has been regulated.

In marking the occasion, the Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan said, “Specifically today, just 26 years after Rachela Druck was murdered, the formal process of accepting the urban planning scheme of the Rahelim settlement, named after her and Rachel Weiss, was completed.

Special thanks to the extreme leftist organization Yesh Din, whose futile petition to the High Court of Justice caused the government to finally decide to bring this long process to an end.


We are proud of all the residents and thank all those who worked together with the help of God. And in the same spirit of determination we will build Samaria and overcome all obstacles.

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