Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is presented with a a certificate of appreciation from leaders of Judea and Samaria [Photo Credit: Government Press Office]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the leadership of the Jewish community in Hebron and Chairmen of the Judea and Samaria (Yesha) Council who wished to thank him for his efforts in establishing the infrastructure for the Jewish community of Hebron and for its development, and credit him for promoting construction in the Hezekiah quarter of Hebron. The chairman of the Judea and Samaria Council showed appreciation for the Prime Minister’s position and said that these efforts are a welcomed start to the renewal of construction in Hebron.

The leadership of the community gave the Prime Minister a book from Bar-Ilan University that summarizes the findings of archaeological excavations at the ancient site of Tel (mound of) Hebron. The tel is home to magnificent remains from the Jewish community during the Second Temple period- including ritual baths, coins, potsherds and more. In the dedication section of the book, the leadership of the Jewish community penned, “Truth from a country will grow. To the Prime Minister of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who carries the flag of our historical right to our land and the city of our forefathers – which includes a gathering of new discoveries about ancient Jewish life in the City of the Patriarchs.”

Additionally, they presented him with a certificate of appreciation in which the Jubilee (celebration of 50 years since the Jewish community returned) Medal of Hebron was placed. The certificate of actually quotes a letter that the Prime Minister Netanyahu sent to the Jewish community that said, “Hebron is the city of the forefathers. The main city of the kingdom. And its Jewish habitation is anchored in ancient historical merit as well as in contemporary government decisions and international agreements. The people of Israel vote in favor of continuing to support the community of Hebron.” Upon being presented with the certificate the Prime Minister added, “we will continue to build.”

Netanyhau Certification from Judea and Samaria leaders image

Some of the more recent developments in Judea and Samaria that took place under the administration of Netanyahu include: the budget allocation for bypass roads in Judea and Samaria,– for roads that would make it safer for Jews to travel there, the beginning of construction in Amichai, the first new government sanctioned community in Judea and Samaria in 25 years, and the formal legalization of permanent homes in Rehelim (Samaria).

Netanyahu has previously expressed his strong support for Judea and Samaria in clear terms. In September Netanyahu issued a statement that read, “there was not and will not be a [Israeli] government more pro-Judea and Samaria than ours.” Earlier, in July, Netanyahu said, “promised the pioneers of Judea and Samaria that, “there will not be [another] uprooting of any community in Israel.”

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