Knife found on Arab teenager near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron [Photo Source: Police Spokesperson]

Over the last several weeks, the roads passing through Judea and Samaria have been used as a launching pad for rock-throwing attacks against Jewish drivers. Although acts of violence continue to be planned and perpetrated against our brothers and sisters, it is (relatively) nice to report on incidences of violence that were either unsuccessful or that Israel’s security forces prevented.


In Hebron this past Sunday evening, a teenage Arab attempted to smuggle a knife into the site of the Cave of the Patriarchs. Officers stationed at one of the entrances to the Cave of the Patriarchs spotted the teenager who aroused their suspicions. He was later found to be carrying a knife on him. He was arrested and transferred for interrogation. The following morning, Israeli Border Police operating a security checkpoint at the entrance to the Cave of the Patriarchs spotted another suspicious teen, estimated to be about 16-years-old, and ordered him to lift up his shirt. The officers stationed there found a concealed knife on the suspect and took him into custody for questioning, Arutz Sheva reported

The Border Police noted that “repeated efforts by those attempting to harm visitors at the site or forces securing them will continue to encounter steadfastness by forces operating to maintain the peace and order” at the holy site.

Yesterday’s thwarted attack comes about 3 weeks after Border Police officers stationed at the entrance to the Cave of the Patriarchs discovered a knife hidden in the sock of an Arab teenager who tried to enter the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron without going through a metal detector.

In other related news, following police reports last week, explosives were thrown at the road near the tunnels on Highway 60, and police opened an investigation. The police investigation in cooperation with Israel Defense Forces (IDF), led to the arrest of a resident of Bethlehem, earlier this week. In his interrogation, the terrorist admitted that he and his friends threw improvised explosive devices that he had learned to prepare via the Internet at vehicles at the tunnels checkpoint (in Judea). The terrorist incriminated three others who acted as his accomplices, News 0404 reported.


On Sunday night, Terrorists fired light weapons from a passing vehicle at an IDF post near the community of Psagot. There were no casualties among our soldiers and no damage was reported. Several bullet casings were found located next to the IDF post. The IDF reported that our they had begun searching the area and were working to locate the vehicle that had escaped, News 0404 reported.

Arab terrorists hurled a Molotov cocktail at the road between the Ariel Junction and Avisar. There were no casualties among our brothers, News 0404 reported.

We thank our brothers and sisters of the Border Police, the IDF and other security posts for working to keep us safe and protected.

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