Terror Tunnel blown up by the Israel Defense Forces on Sunday [Photo Credit: Army Spokesperson]

On Sunday morning, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) discovered, exposed, and demolished a terror tunnel that crossed into Israel proper from central Gaza. Based on the amount of detail within the tunnel, including electricity, it was clear that this specific tunnel was substantial for the Hamas terrorist organization, the IDF reported.

The IDF used a new system in order to discover and demolish the tunnel. The system was developed as part of a long-term plan and a joint effort among combat, logistics, intelligence, and research units within the IDF.On October 30th, just a month and a half ago, in a separate incident, Israel blew up a terrorist tunnel that stretched from the Gaza Strip into Israel proper. During the blast, 7 terrorists were killed. Below is an graphic  taken from the IDF’s blog that details the locations of both tunnel blasts.Terror Tunnel graphicBoth tunnels were part of an elaborate network of tunnels created and maintained by the terrorist organization Hamas, for the purpose of infiltrating Israel and to launch surprise attacks on Israeli citizens and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) alike.

The terror tunnels that Israel has been successfully targeting in recent months were first discovered during the military operation referred to as Operation Cast Lead. Operation Cast Lead refers to a 2008 ground incursion into Gaza by the IDF to stop the barrage of rockets that were fired from Gaza into Israel and to stop the illegal smuggling of weapons in and out of Gaza. During the operation, a vast network of terror tunnels, set up and maintained by the terror organization Hamas, was discovered. Since the conclusion of Operation Cast Lead, Israel has destroyed several of these terror tunnels, sometimes killing terrorists that were inside the tunnels and has continued to search for and to destroy any new tunnels that may have been created since then.