Throughout the past weekend, thousands of Arab rioters in Gaza, Judea and Samaria threw Molotov cocktails, fireworks, flaming tires and stones at Israel’s security forces and blocked roads in an effort to disrupt life in Israel. Since the historic announcement by US President Donald Trump, Arab leaders – as a response to the bold and curious declaration – incited their Arab constituent’s to attack Jews. 

On Friday, Arab girls from the community of Nabi Salih (Samaria), slapped, pushed and kicked Israeli soldiers stationed there. The Arab girls were trying to capture footage of what they expected to be a violent response from the soldiers, which they could then re-frame to make it look like Israelis were attacking them. In a display of incredible self-control, the soldiers did not respond with force, but instead stood their ground and bared the humiliating taunts of the teenage Arab girls. The recent harassment was caught by local Arabs on their phones. Since they determined that this harassment would be praiseworthy among their peers, they posted it on social media. In the aftermath of the repeated harassment, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Border Police arrested Ahed Tamimi overnight Monday. Ahed was the ring-leader of the girls who harassed and taunted the soldier. Her and her family live in the neighborhood of Nabi Salih.

פשיטת רגל צה״לית: בני משפחת תמימי תוקפים את חיילינו

אם לא חטפתם את הסעיף מהסרטון הקודם – שם תקפו בני משפחת תמימי קצין וסמ״ר בבעיטות, אגרוף וסטירות, הנה תיעוד נוסף מבית היוצר של המשפחה התוקפת מנבי צאלח. בת המשפחה מרבה לסטור ללוחמים, לדחוף, לבעוט וזאת במשך שנים. האב נוהג לתעד ולצלם את ההשפלה. עד לרגע זה ולמרות עשרות תקיפות – שר הביטחון לא הורה על מעצר מי מבני המשפחה ואפילו לחקירה הם לא זומנו מעולם. הסרטון הנוכחי, צולם לפני כשלושה ימים. פשוט מביש!

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עד לאן זה יגיע? איך יכולים חיילים לחטוף סטירות, בעיטות ואגרוף ולא לעשות דבר? איך יכול הצבא החזק שלנו להסכים להשפלה כזאת? ואתם יודעים מי האשם כאן? האשם הוא מי שלא עצר את אותה המשפחה שתקפה בעבר לוחם אגוז והכתה אותו. כן, מערכת הביטחון והעומד בראשה, אחראים ישירים.עד היום, בני משפחת תמימי מנבי צאלח, שזוהו לחלוטין באותה התקיפה, אפילו לא זומנו לחקירה ולכן, הם מרשים לעצמם הרבה יותר. האיפוק הזה מצד כוחותינו מרתיח ומקומם!

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in an attempt to both praise his daughter for her attacks against Israeli soldiers and to justify it to the world, the father of the girl, Bassem Tamimi, told Ynet News that he was not surprised the soldiers maintained their composure and refrained from arresting his daughter. “Their conduct didn’t impress me. He [one of the soldiers] was shooting gas grenades and breaking windows moments before. Their conduct may seem humane at that instance, but I don’t think their general conduct that day was humane. I’m proud of my daughter and what she did,” he boasted.

What makes this coward’s statement so despicable is the fact that he would say something that only he could verify. The same Arab camera that filmed his daughter harassing an Israeli soldier was conveniently missing when the soldiers were throwing “gas grenades and breaking windows.”

This is not the first time that the Tamimi family has been the focus of media attention in Israel. In 2011, Bassem Tamimi, the father of the family, was arrested on charges of sending Arab youths to throw stones, holding a march without a permit, incitement, and perverting the course of justice. In 2012, Wa’ed Tamimi was arrested for during weekly demonstrations in his town of Nabi Salih. Bassem’s cousin, Rushdi Muhammed Sa’id Tamimi, was convicted of the October 1993 murder of Haim Mizrahi, a resident of Beit El (Samaria).

And so it continues, this family and their community continues to instigate and humiliate Israeli soldiers and incite hate among their children, then have the audacity to lie to the press about the events that led to their arrest and convictions.

In a separate incident on Friday morning, during violent protests in the city of Ramallah (Samaria), an Arab terrorist, wearing what appeared to be an explosive belt, disguised himself by blending in with a nearby photo crew and then stabbed a Border Police officer in the upper body, moderately wounding him.