Featured center is Knesset Member Yehuda Glick voting in favor of Sunday night’s resolution [Photo Source: Dalia Levy]

This past Wednesday, ministers serving in the Israeli knesset approved the transfer of NIS 40 million (approximately $11 million), which will go toward improving security and funding first-aid stations in Judea and Samaria, Haaretz reported.

The vast majority of the grant will go toward “special expenses related to the security situation” in the Jewish communities of Judean and Samaria, and NIS 5.5 million will be used to bolster medical emergency stations throughout the Judea and Samaria.

The political party of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voted Sunday to unanimously accept a resolution that calls on the party’s leaders to move to formally annex the Judea and Samaria areas of Israel and to renew construction there, Haaretz reported. Although the vote by Likud, the ruling party in the Knesset, is nonbinding it is significant because it marks yet another display of the efforts and confidence with which Israeli’s are pushing for expanded growth in Israel’s heartland.

The wording of the resolution states: “On the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the regions of Judea and Samaria, including Jerusalem our eternal capital, the Likud Central Committee calls on the Likud’s elected officials to act to allow free construction and to apply the laws of Israel and its sovereignty to all liberated areas of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.”

Most of the Likud ministers in the government support the resolution.

Some of the other more recent developments in Judea and Samaria that took place under the administration of Netanyahu include: the budget allocation for bypass roads in Judea and Samaria,– for roads that would make it safer for Jews to travel there, the beginning of construction in Amichai, the first new government sanctioned community in Judea and Samaria in 25 years, and the formal legalization of permanent homes in Rehelim (Samaria). Netanyahu has previously expressed his strong support for Judea and Samaria in clear terms. In September of last year Netanyahu issued a statement that read, “there was not and will not be a [Israeli] government more pro-Judea and Samaria than ours.” Earlier, in July, Netanyahu said, “promised the pioneers of Judea and Samaria that, “there will not be [another] uprooting of any community in Israel.”

In November, leaders of Judea and Samaria presented an award to Netanyahu in recognition of his support for the Jewish community of Hebron (Judea).

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