Photo of the Shevach Family

Rabbi Raziel Shevach, a 35 year old resident of Havat Gilad, was murdered in a terror attack while he was driving his car on Highway 60 on Tuesday night. Rabbi Shevah leaves behind his wife, Yael, and their six children: Renana, 10, Naomi, 8, Miriam, 6, Malka, 5, Ovadia, 3, and Benayahu, only 10 months old.

He was murdered in a drive-by shooting near his home. Arab terrorists shot dozens of bullets at his car and then ran off. He was rushed to the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, where he was pronounced dead. A Magen David Adom medic has said “Civilians from a nearby town and heard the shooting came to help. With the help of an IDF medical team that arrived quickly, we gave him life-saving medical treatment and he was evacuated to the hospital when his condition was severe.”

The manhunt for the terrorists responsible continued into the night. IDF troops searched the area surrounding Havat Gilad, focusing on Arab  villages west of Nablus. The army also sent reinforcements to the area.

Raziel, who completed his rabbinical studies last year, volunteered in the medical department of the Samaria Regional Council, drove an ambulance for Magen David Adom, worked as a mohel (ritual circumciser), and gave lessons to children in the settlement where he had lived for the past eight years. Yael Shevach relayed that Raziel asked that if something happened to him he would be buried at Havat Gilad. Yael added, “We honor his request and we will bury him in a community he loved and on whose behalf he acted. I call upon all the people of Israel to come and accompany Raziel in Havat Gilad in Samaria. This is my request.” The cemetery of Havat Gilad was dug this morning and Raziel was laid to rest at 13:00.

Yossi Dagan, Head of the Shomron Regional Council, said: “the worst happened tonight. Raziel Shevach was murdered by the vile ones. He devoted his life to saving lives – and our enemies are busy cutting people down. I want to strengthen the security forces that are working to guard others. The residents of Samaria and the entire State of Israel grieve for this great loss, embracing the family and the orphaned children.” Dagan called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Lieberman to allow the family to bury Shevach in Havat Gilad. Additionally, he urged them to approve a plan for officially recognizing Havat Gilad as an outpost retroactively.

Defense Minister Lieberman said, “I instructed the heads of the Ministry of Defense to provide assistance to the family and the residents of Havat Gilad. At the same time instructed to examine the regulation of the outpost of Havat Gilad and transformation to a full-fledged community in Judea and Samaria.”

Yossi Dagan lamented, “On such a horrible day for the family, for the Samaria and for the people of Israel, the right answer to those lowly murderers—who sought to murder a Jew and in effect banish us from the Land of Israel—is to announce the approval of the outline plan.” He continued, “This is the real and true answer; this is what will destroy the motivation for terrorism. They want to hurt us and banish us from our land with terrorism and intimidation, and the people of Israel will grow and build exactly in the location of the attack.”

Havat Gilad, the home and resting place of Rabbi Raziel Shevach of blessed memory, was established in 2002 in memory of Gilad Zer, who was murdered in a shooting attack in 2001.