Terror Tunnel in Kerem Shalom [Photo Source: Army Spokesperson]

On Sunday morning, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that earlier that day they had destroyed another Hamas attack tunnel, the third in under three months. (The last attack tunnel destroyed by the IDF in Gaza happened on Sunday morning, December 10th.) The IDF reported that the tunnel passed under the Kerem Shalom border crossing with Egypt, underneath gas and diesel pipelines. After the discovery of the tunnel Israeli fighter jets bombed the site and destroyed the tunnel. (The previous two tunnels that were destroyed were done so by the IDF on the ground.)

The commander of the Southern Command, Major General Eyal Zamir had the following statement regarding the recent operation that resulted in the destruction of the terror tunnel: “I organized the Gaza Division, the Southern Brigade, and all the security forces in those areas and worked with them to thwart the [danger from the] tunnel. The tunnel of terror that crossed the Kerem Shalom crossing hurts first and foremost the residents of the Gaza Strip. We are determined to continue the effort to thwart terrorist tunnels and to act in any way to protect the residents of the Gaza vicinity and the State of Israel.”

This is a flagrant violation of Israeli sovereignty, endangering the citizens of Israel and sabotaging the humanitarian efforts that Israel is making for the citizens of Gaza. In light of this, the closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing is a necessary security measure for the security of those in the crossing area. The implications of closing the crossing are also imposed on the Hamas terror organization, which repeatedly chooses to harm the welfare of Gaza residents,” continued Zamir.

The terror tunnels that Israel has been successfully targeting in recent months are part of a network of tunnels that were first discovered during the military operation referred to as Operation Cast Lead. Operation Cast Lead refers to a 2008 ground incursion into Gaza by the IDF to stop the barrage of rockets that were fired from Gaza into Israel and to stop the illegal smuggling of weapons in and out of Gaza. During the operation, a vast network of terror tunnels, set up and maintained by the terror organization Hamas, was discovered. Since the conclusion of Operation Cast Lead, Israel has destroyed several of these terror tunnels, sometimes killing terrorists that were inside the tunnels and has continued to search for and to destroy any new tunnels that may have been created since then.

You can see some of the tunnel in the video below, courtesy of the IDF. The subtitles are in Hebrew.

סיכול מנהרת טרור

כוחותינו סיכלו והשמידו מנהרת טרור של חמאס, שחצתה את גדר המערכת, עברה תחת מעבר כרם שלום בסמוך לצינור הגז והמשיכה לשטח מצרים.מדובר בהפרה בוטה של הריבונות הישראלית, סיכון אזרחי ישראל וחבלה במאמצים ההומניטריים שמאפשרת ישראל למען אזרחי עזה.

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