The windshield of the bus that was attacked

On Monday night, a bus driving on Highway 55, near the Arab village of Nabi Elias in Samaria, was attacked by rock-throwing Arab terrorists. Arabs hurled stones at a bus and a private vehicle that passed on the road in the area near Nabi Elias and Azun. The attack came just days after the Nabi Elias bypass road was opened to public use. The bypass road first became open to travelers this past Friday. The construction of the bypass road cost about 60 million shekels (approximately 17.5 million US dollars), and its sole purpose was to safeguard the security of travelers from stone-throwing attacks, Molotov cocktails and gunfire. 

The driver of the bus that was attacked reported that his windshield was smashed by stones as he drove along Highway 55. Parts of the windshield shattered into the bus, but the stones did not hit the driver — which the driver attributed to the holy book and charity box he keeps on his dashboard, The Jewish Press reported. There was also suspected gunfire targeting vehicles on that road.

Troops were called in to search the area. One of the Arab terrorists responsible for the attack was arrested on Monday evening. He comes from the village of Nabi Elias. Israeli security personnel also found an improvised homemade handgun which the terrorist used in addition to the stones he threw to to shoot at passing vehicles. The terrorist was captured with his gun and the bullets for it.

Homemade Handgun imageThe bus driver describes his experience and shows the damage to his bus in the video below. The verbal description is in Hebrew.

Major roads and highways in Judea and Samaria that pass near Arab villages tend to make favorable sites for Arab terrorists to throw stones and fire weapons at Jewish travelers on the roads. In recent months, Arab rock-throwing incidents have increased in Judea and Samaria. As a result of the significant security concern along these roads, In September of this past year, the cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that a proposed 116 billion shekel ($33 billion) infrastructure program would be expanded to include a wide-ranging plan to build roads in Judea and Samaria. 

Also on Monday, in the biblical city of Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria, inside the tomb of Joseph, Israeli security forces discovered a bomb inside a cell phone during a security scan at the entrance to the tomb. The bomb was subsequently removed and detonated by security forces. Upon their entry and exit from the site, Arab protesters threw stones at the same security forces that had just removed a bomb from among them. Thankfully, none of our troops were hurt.

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