Kfar Adumim [Photo Credit: אלון לובינר]

Kfar Adumim (Village of the Red) is about 2 miles northeast of the town Ma’ale Adumim and about 20 kilometers north of Jeruslaem. The city boasts magnificent views of the mountains of Jerusalem, including Mount Scopus and the Mount of Olives. The name dates back to the times of Joshua. The nearby ancient city of Ma’ale Adumim rested on the line separating the biblical portions of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Due to the natural red rocks (Adumim means red) that surround the community, the village became known as Kfar Adumim.

Kfar Adumim was established in September 1979. The community was first inhabited by 10 families that had seceded previously from the group which founded Ma’ale Adumim. The purpose of the settlement’s founders was to create a mixed community where religious and secular families could coexist. Already in its early years the settlement had absorbed many Jewish repatriates from different countries, most of whom remained there as permanent residents. The community prides itself on the diversity of it’s inhabitants, which include people from all walks of life – native Israelis and new immigrants, religious and non-religious, young and old, all of whom make up the community of Kfar Adumim. Through today, the Kfar Adumim operates as a cooperative community. Most of the residents of the community are members of the cooperative and contribute in their respective ways to the cooperative mission and community.

The nearby settlements Alon (1 kilometer to the northeast of Kfar Adumim) and Nofei Prat (1 kilometer to the west of Kfar Adumim) were founded in 1990 and 1992, respectively. The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics counts the populations of nearby settlements Alon and Nofei Prat as part of the population of Kfar Adumim. The communities of Kfar Adumim, Alon and Nofei Prat together are referred to as Gush Adumim, or the Adumim Block.

The average per-capita income of the residents of Kfar Adumim is above the national average. Most residents of Kfar Adumim work in Jerusalem while some work in the community itself. The occupations of the residents include work in education, local administration and municipal services, small business and agriculture. The community has an olive grove, a plot of Opuntia ficus-indica, whose fruit is also known as barbary figs, a plant nursery and a horse farm.

Kfar Adumim is located within the jurisdiction of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council. In 2016 it had a population of 4,271. The city is located in the portion of Israel that was designated for the tribe of Benyamin (Benjamin).