One of the Arab terrorists surrenders after being shot in the leg. The knife that was to be used in the attack can be seen just underneath his left leg.

Earlier today, Israeli security personnel stopped a planned terrorist attack from occurring at the Tapuach Junction, in Samaria. According to the police report, the Israeli Border Police that were stationed at a lookout post noticed suspicious looking Arabs moving toward a bus stop at the junction. They informed the soldiers stationed at the bus stop of the suspicious Arabs. The soldiers at the bus stop then followed procedure and called upon the Arabs to stop. They did not and kept marching toward the soldiers. As they continued to move towards the fighters without obeying the instructions, a Border Police officer shot a warning shot in the air to deter the terrorist. Soon after, one of the terrorists drew a knife as he continued to move towards the fighters, at which point one of the soldiers fired at the lower body of the terrorists. The terrorists are reportedly from Jenin, the same Arab city that the terrorist responsible for the murder of Rabbi Raziel Shevach was found and subsequently killed by Israeli special forces. The target of the terrorists was apparently Border Guard soldiers responsible for securing the junction.

Thankfully, there were no injuries to Israeli civilians or security personnel reported. 

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan said in response to the terrorist attack, “we thank the security forces and the Border Police who were resourceful and saved lives today. We want to assure all those who seek our destruction, that the people here are strong. Terrorism will not break us. We will continue to build and grow here in Samaria. I ask the government to give the right answer to this terror – to build and strengthen the region and to strengthen the residents living here.”

It is amazing how our soldiers can be so brave and courageous in protecting the lives of innocent Israelis and at the same time have so much compassion for the terrorists that try to kill them. We are a fortunate nation to be blessed with soldiers and policemen of this kind of caliber. Let this news be a refute to all those who seek to slander the people of Israel and make claims about human rights violations. What would these scoffers do in the same situation as our brave soldiers if they were faced with terrorists and enemies whose sole purpose on this earth is to kill Israelis?

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