Image taken from IDF security footage near Itamar [Photo Source: IDF]

An initial investigation revealed that last night the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) foiled an infiltration attempt following the identification of two suspects near the fence of the community of Itamar, in Samaria. Upon discovering the 2 Arabs who were dressed in IDF uniforms, Israeli security forces hurried to the area of the suspects and caught one of them. He was caught in the in the hills separating Itamar from the Arab village of Beit Faruk, according the The Jerusalem Post. The Arab suspect was carrying a set of binoculars, according to the IDF report. 

The second suspect escaped and the Israeli security forces continue to conduct searches in the area. As IDF forces entered the nearby village of Furek to search for the remaining suspect, riots broke out in three different locations, with dozens of Arabs throwing stones at the IDF forces, who responded with riot control measures. 

The IDF found six Molotov cocktails near the Itamar later on in the day, according to the IDF spokesperson’s unit. 

Molotov Cocktails in Itamar image

Molotov Cocktails near Itamar [Photo Source: IDF Spokesperson Unit]

The possibility that the 2 Arabs arrived to carry out an attack is being examined.