Randy Fine, State Representative in the 53rd District of Florida

US lawmaker, Randy Fine, sought to implement a Florida anti-BDS law this past week by demanding that the local government in Miami and Tampa follow the Florida Statute and terminate their business relationship with the musician Lorde.

In a Twitter post with his official statement attached, Fine wrote, “Today, I called on the cities of Miami and Tampa to obey Florida law and cancel the taxpayer-hosted concerts of the anti-Semite @lorde.”

Fine, who is a State Representative at the Florida House of Representatives issued a statement earlier on Thursday addressing the current status of the anti-BDS law and his strong recommendation for the local governments of Miami and Tampa to respect the law by canceling Lorde’s scheduled shows in Flordia.

“Florida has no tolerance for anti-Semitism and boycotts intended to destroy the State of Israel,” said Fine. That’s why Florida passed groundbreaking anti-BDS legislation several years ago and why, along with Senator Jeff Brandes, I have proposed strengthening that legislation this year. Current statutes are clear – local governments cannot do business with companies that participate in anti-Semitic boycotts of Israel. When Lorde joined the boycott in December, she and her companies became subject to that statute. The taxpayers of Miami and Tampa should not have to facilitate bigotry and anti-Semitism, and I look forward to the Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority and the Tampa Sports Authority complying with the law and cancelling these events.”

In December of this past year, Lorde canceled an upcoming Tel Aviv show following pressure from BDS activists. The singer-songwriter from New Zealand announced via Twitter that she had speaking with many people and “considering all options” regarding the Tel Aviv show. The reference was to two of her compatriots, Nadia Abu-Shanab and Justine Sachs, who are active in the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement and who wrote an open letter calling on Lorde to cancel the Tel Aviv show.

The Lev Haolam team thanks Florida House Representative Randy Fine for fighting back against the BDS movements and its supporters.

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