Earlier on Monday afternoon, two Israeli soldiers came under attack by a mob of local Arabs after they accidentally drove their military vehicle into the Arab city of Jenin in Samaria, the army said. After the two soldiers, one male, and one female drove into the city, the mob of angry Arabs began pelting their vehicle with rocks. The woman in the vehicle was injured from shards of glass when the vehicle’s window was smashed by the mob. She was subsequently taken to a nearby Israeli hospital for treatment. Also during the attack, one of the soldiers’ guns was stolen by the rioting Arabs. The army said forces were searching the area for the weapon.

The soldiers’ rescue was aided by PA security forces. The IDF confirmed that the vehicle was brought out of the city through coordination with the Civil Administration, a Defense Ministry unit that acts as a liaison between the military and the PA, according to The Times of Israel.

An IDF spokesperson said it was not immediately clear how they accidentally drove into the Arab city. In the past, this has happened because soldiers relied on navigation applications. Markings on their vehicle indicated that they were noncombat soldiers from a support unit, according to The Times of Israel.

The Arab city of Jenin has made the news frequently as a result of the high-value terrorists that have resided there or were held up there recently. This past week, in an IDF raid, Ahmed Nasser Jarrer who was the last of the murderers of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, of blessed memory, was killed just outside of Jenin. In a previous raid in Jenin, just a few weeks ago, Israeli security forces killed Ahmed Ismail Muhammed Jarrer, a son of a Hamas official and another one of the terrorists involved in the shooting attack.