[Photo Credit: Hanay]

Oranit is a beautiful community located on the western slopes of the Samarian mountains approximately 25 kilometers west of Ariel, adjacent to the Keren Kayemet Forests. The community of Oranit is composed mainly of detached red-roof houses and well-kept gardens. The name Oranit is a reference to the magnificent pine forests (oranim means pine trees in Hebrew) that border the entire community from the west. Oranit was founded by the Israeli government on May 19, 1983. At that time, the government commissioned a private company – Delta – to establish and develop the community. The fact that the community was established by a private company commissioned by the government distinguishes Oranit from other communities. The first residents entered their homes in 1985. The location of Oranit, the nature of the residents living there and the many community services led to great demand for land development and the communities large population growth. 

Education in Oranit has long been a priority for members of the community and their elected officials. In Oranit there are two daycare centers for preschoolers, 20 kindergartens, afternoon schools, 3 elementary schools (one religious state), middle and high school, and the youth movements Hatzofim (Scouts), Bnei Akiva and a youth club.

In Oranit there are many local activities for both children and adults which include, a music group, cultural evenings for adults, children’s presentations, story hour, Torah (Bible) activities, holiday parties, local holiday meals, performances by artists and more. Community facilities include a public swimming pool and tennis courts.

Oranit is one of the largest communities located in Judea and Samaria. In 2016 it had a population of 8652. Due to its size, in 1990, the community was declared an independent local council. The community is located in the portion of Israel that was designated for the tribe of Efraim (Ephraim).