IDF tank near the border of Gaza [Photo Source: 0404 News]

Yesterday, in response to an improvised explosive device (IED) that wounded 4 Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers near the southern part of the Gaza Strip, Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets struck at least 18 Hamas targets throughout Gaza, including weapons manufacturing infrastructure, the IDF said.

The Israeli reprisal came after an explosive device detonated near IDF troops adjacent to a security fence in the southern Gaza Strip, earlier on Saturday. The IED was attached to a flag, which was used to mask the explosive device. During the riot, soldiers from the Golani Brigade and the Engineering Corps approached the border fence after noticing the flag hung near the location where the IDF was stationed. After the soldiers approached the flag, the device exploded. Four IDF soldiers were wounded in the attack, two severely. The soldiers were quickly evacuated and treated.

In the aftermath of the attack on the IDF soldiers, IDF tanks targeted 2 observation post in the southern Gaza Strip. IAF fighter jets also targeted a terror tunnel in the Zaytun area and military compounds near Deir ElBalah and Khan Yunis (see the image below for more details on the IDF’s reprisal yesterday). IDF Spokesperson Jonathan Conricus said, “we hold Hamas responsible for all aggression from Gaza”.

IDF Hamas Targets in Gaza image

IDF targets in Gaza [Image Source: IDF Spokesperson]

A rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip, in what appeared to be a Hamas response to the earlier IDF attack against its terrorist infrastructure. The rocket hit the roof of a house in an Israeli town in the southern part of Israel. Sirens sounded in several communities in the area of Sha’ar HaNegev regional council, near the southern border of Israel, for several hours before and after the rocket was fired.

Riots, clashes, and so-called ‘demonstrations’ along the fence in southern Gaza – a fence that borders Israel proper – has become a regular occurrence. Hamas and other Arab terrorist factions, under the guise of ‘demonstrations’, use children and handicapped citizens as pawns and as protection against Israeli reprisals, as camouflage from which they can throw grenades and IED’s at Israeli troops, to place IEDs along the fence and to exploit the media, according to an IDF spokesperson. In a recent attempt to garner sympathy for the Arab cause, an Arab teenager, Ahed Tamimi and her mother, in the village of Nabi Salih (Samaria) incited soldiers stationed there by slapping, pushing and kicking them. In a display of incredible self-control, the soldiers did not respond with force, but instead stood their ground and bared the humiliating taunts of the teenage Arab girls. The recent harassment was caught by local Arabs on their phones. Since they determined that this harassment would be praiseworthy among their peers, they posted it on social media. In the aftermath of the repeated harassment, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Border Police arrested Ahed Tamimi and she is facing sentencing for the numerous criminal acts that she and her mother carried out.

We send our heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery to the wounded IDF soldiers in Saturday’s terrorist attack.