Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, addresses the United Nations Human Rights Council opened its 29th Session [Photo Credit: United States Mission Geneva]

This past week, the United Nations High Commissioner for “Human Rights” Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein presented his “findings” on the current situation in Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, as seen from the perspective of the United Nations. The document “describes the expansion of the settlement enterprise of Israel, examines the existence of a coercive environment in occupied East Jerusalem, and addresses issues relating to Israeli settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan.”

True to form, Al Hussein documents all of the “violations of human rights” as he perceives them in his document. Consider the following statement made in the report:

“International humanitarian law prohibits the transfer of a population by an occupying State into an occupied territory, and individual or mass forcible transfer or deportation of the population of an occupied territory, regardless of the motive. Such a transfer amounts to a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention and is therefore a war crime.”

So, the “transfer” of people – like Israeli families who make a personal decision to move to Judea and Samaria – are war criminals. Apparently, the only people that have a right to live in Jude and Samaria according to Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein are Arabs. Interesting…

Consider this statement, regarding “war crimes” committed by Israel:

“Demolitions carried out by the Israeli authorities in the context of discriminatory planning or for punitive purposes are unlawful under international law, given that they lead to forced evictions.”

So, the demolition of the homes of terrorists who murder Israelis is “unlawful” because “they lead to forced evictions” according to Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

Of course, the issue of terrorism, money paid to the terrorists and their families by the PA, and the Arab incitement to violence in the areas he discusses, is conveniently left out of the document. You can read the rest of the shameful anti-Israel “findings” of Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein here.

Throughout the past year, Al Hussein has been working to establish a database – blacklist – of companies that are engaged in doing business in Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights regions of Israel. He has come under fire from pro-Israel organizations and activists for his singling out Israel for “human rights violations”, while largely ignoring human rights issue in other countries around the world.

Thankfully, there has been an effort on the part of activists like Nati Rom, the founder of Lev Haolam to counter the efforts of Al Hussein and others like him. In response to his work on the blacklist, Nati sent a letter to incoming UN Secretary-General António Guterres demanding he dismiss UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid bin Raad al-Hussein for his recent actions.

Included in the text of his letter, Nati described the fact that al-Hussein has made numerous unacceptable statements including his “deplorable comparison between the situation of Arabs in Judea and Samaria with that of Jews in the Holocaust and his refusal to recognize the murder of Jews in Tel Aviv by Arabs as terrorism.”

We commend Nati Rom and stand with him in his fight against the anti-Israel obsession and hate that is perpetuated at the United Nations.

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