Ahed Tamimi, who was sentenced to 8 months in jail after she after her assault and incitement against IDF forces.

Ahed Tamimi, has been a person of interest by Israelis wishing to see her brought to justice, in addition to foreign organizations such as Amnesty International that see her as a hero and has since been applying international pressure on Israel government to free her. Last December, the 17-year-old Arab teenager from Nabi Saleh (Samaria) was filmed slapping, pushing and kicking an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier stationed near her village, in an effort to capture footage of what they expected to be a violent response from the soldiers, which they could then re-frame to make it look like Israelis were attacking them. In a display of incredible self-control, the soldier did not respond with force, but instead stood his ground and bared the humiliating taunts of the teenage Arab girls. Ahed’s mother, Nariman Tamimi was the one who live streamed the incident. Nour Tamimi, the cousin of Ahed Tamimi participated in the incitement as well, but to a lesser degree.

פשיטת רגל צה״לית: בני משפחת תמימי תוקפים את חיילינו

אם לא חטפתם את הסעיף מהסרטון הקודם – שם תקפו בני משפחת תמימי קצין וסמ״ר בבעיטות, אגרוף וסטירות, הנה תיעוד נוסף מבית היוצר של המשפחה התוקפת מנבי צאלח. בת המשפחה מרבה לסטור ללוחמים, לדחוף, לבעוט וזאת במשך שנים. האב נוהג לתעד ולצלם את ההשפלה. עד לרגע זה ולמרות עשרות תקיפות – שר הביטחון לא הורה על מעצר מי מבני המשפחה ואפילו לחקירה הם לא זומנו מעולם. הסרטון הנוכחי, צולם לפני כשלושה ימים. פשוט מביש!

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עד לאן זה יגיע? איך יכולים חיילים לחטוף סטירות, בעיטות ואגרוף ולא לעשות דבר? איך יכול הצבא החזק שלנו להסכים להשפלה כזאת? ואתם יודעים מי האשם כאן? האשם הוא מי שלא עצר את אותה המשפחה שתקפה בעבר לוחם אגוז והכתה אותו. כן, מערכת הביטחון והעומד בראשה, אחראים ישירים.עד היום, בני משפחת תמימי מנבי צאלח, שזוהו לחלוטין באותה התקיפה, אפילו לא זומנו לחקירה ולכן, הם מרשים לעצמם הרבה יותר. האיפוק הזה מצד כוחותינו מרתיח ומקומם!

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In early January, prosecutors filed indictments against her, for crimes including assaulting soldiers and incitement to violence. Ahed’s mother was also charged with incitement and assault.

An Israeli military court accepted a plea deal on Wednesday with Ahed Tamimi, that will see her serve eight months in prison. She pleaded guilty to four criminal acts including assault, incitement and two counts of obstructing soldiers. The original 12 counts she was initially charged with were dropped.

Her sentence will include jail-time served and a fine of 5,000 shekels ($1,430), said Tamimi’s lawyer Gaby Lasky.

Narimam Tamimi, Ahed’s mother, will also serve an eight-month sentence and receive a 6,000 shekel fine for her role in the incitement and assault against the IDF soldiers. Nour Tamimi, will only be fined 2000 shekel.

Last December’s incident was not the first time that the Tamimi family has been the focus of media attention for incitement against the IDF and staging provocations. In 2011, Bassem Tamimi, the father of the family, was arrested on charges of sending Arab youths to throw stones, holding a march without a permit, incitement, and perverting the course of justice. In 2012, Wa’ed Tamimi was arrested for during weekly demonstrations in his town of Nabi Saleh. Bassem’s cousin, Rushdi Muhammed Sa’id Tamimi, was convicted of the October 1993 murder of Haim Mizrahi, a resident of Beit El (Samaria). Ahed herself has long been involved in protests and incitement against Israeli soldiers. Two years ago, she was photographed inciting an Israeli soldier. An image that was taken during that confrontation which she had also staged – with the hope and expectation of filming a reprisal from the soldier – also went viral.