The Taylor Force Act, the name given to a piece of legislation that will cut financial aid to the PA unless it ends its payments to terrorists and their families, was passed by Congress and signed by US President Donald Trump, this past week. The legislation was first introduced to the United States House of Representatives, this past year, where it was approved. This past week, the US Senate voted to approve the bill and afterward the President signed the bill which thereby turned the bill into written law in the United States.

The bill’s sponsor, US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-NC) was very pleased with the results of the new law that he helped to bring to fruition. “This is one of the most significant pieces of legislation I’ve been involved with,” Graham said.

In a press release from this past week, the Senator said, “Taylor was an American hero who was brutally murdered at the hands of terrorists. Yet instead of condemning this horrific attack – and so many others like it – the Palestinian Authority pays monetary rewards to terrorists and their families. These rewards for terrorist attacks are inconsistent with American values. They are inconsistent with decency, and they are certainly inconsistent with peace.”

In 2016, during the Arab “knife-intifada,” a knife-wielding Arab terrorist brutally attacked and stabbed 29-year-old Taylor Force, a US Army veteran, to death while he and his friends from university were eating dinner in Jaffa, Israel. “The celebrations began,” Stuart Force, Taylor’s father said at a pro-Israel Algemeiner Gala this past year. “His family immediately qualified for a monthly stipend of up to $3,500 from the Palestinian Authority.” The tragic death of the Taylor inspired citizens and politicians alike to propose the Taylor Force Act, which today reflects a new in the United States – a law will which will effectively cut financing to the PA until it ends its financial support and incentives for terror.

After two years of hard work, the Taylor Force Act is now the law of the land. The Taylor Force Act would never have…

Posted by Lindsey Graham on Sunday, March 25, 2018


PA leaders, such as PA President Mahmoud Abbas, call terrorists and Arabs that perpetrate attacks against Jews “martyrs” and rewards the terrorists and their families with a monthly stipend. These Arab “martyrs’ “ families can be paid a monthly stipend by the PA of up to $3,500 – yes – 3,500 US dollars (over 5x the median household income in the PA). According to recent reports, the PA currently spends more than $300 million of foreign aid money per year on monthly stipends – dubbed by many as “pay to slay” – to terrorists and their families.

In Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lauded the US decision. He said, “I congratulate the American Congress and @POTUS Trump for these decisions. I’m certain I do so on behalf of all Israeli ministers.”


We thank US Senator Lindsey Graham, US President Donald Trump and all of the American politicians and citizens that worked to pass the Taylor Force Act.