Picture of the Israeli Flag from the Spokesman for the President’s Residence

In preparation for Israel’s 70th Year of Independence, an Israeli flag covering 1,500 square meters was spread over the roof of the Israeli President’s Residence.

The flag, which covered 1,500 square meters, weighs approximately 270 kilograms. It was made in the Krayot factory on a special printing press. It took them ten days of sewing, printing, and soldering.

The flag’s placement on the President’s roof was no easy task, as the X-ray machine used for security purposes could not fit the flag. So since the flag did not enter the scanner, the security guards had to dismantle it and close the road for a few minutes. Installation required designated cranes lifting the flag ten meters into the air.

Head of the President’s Residence, Harel Tobi, said, “We wanted to create this unique flag, viewed through the satellite from every point and angle, as an expression of pride and joy in this special time, the seventieth year of Israel.”

In order to document the flag, IDF’s special satellite unit 9900 was recruited, who were allowed to fly over the normally closed area to photograph the residence. In a special project combining the IDF’s satellite unit 9900 and textile manufacturers, the 70th anniversary of the Independence Day celebrations of the State of Israel on the roof of the President’s Residence was laid out and documented from the Israeli satellite.

“We are very grateful to all the organizations that have helped us in this complex operation that required initiative and creativity alongside security and safety solutions, and we hope that it will expand the hearts of many Israelis and Jews in the State of Israel and throughout the world,” concluded Harel Tobi.

The flag, in honor of Israeli’s 70th Independence Day, will be on the roof of the President’s residence until Jerusalem Day, May 12-13th.

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