Pictures of Kite Bomb, courtesy of Twitter account of Jonathan Conricus

In the continued attempt to breach Israel’s borders, thousands of Gazan protesters collected at the the Israel-Gaza border this past Friday. These weekly violent protests led by Hamas have resumed at the Israeli border for about a month now, implementing a variety of attack methods, including Molotov cocktails, throwing stones, and burning tires to limit Israel’s visibility.

The newest method of causing damage within Israel has been the kite bomb, in which a fire-bomb is attached to a kite and flown over the border. On Saturday, one of these kite bombs landed on a warehouse in Southern Israel causing a lot of damage. Earlier last week a kite-bomb also landed in an open field, burning over 20 acres of grassland in Israel. As per IDF Spokesperson General Jonathan Conricus’ Twitter, the kites are brandished with a swastika, a symbol known very well to be synonymous with antisemitism.

While the first protest on March 30th had an approximate attendance of 30,000 Gazans, the number of attendees has seen a significant decline, the latest having a turnout of approximately 3000 protesters. These protests are scheduled to continue until May 15th, the day after Israel declared statehood.

In response to these violent protests and border rushing, the IDF has taken appropriate measures to secure the Israeli border. In addition to the careful selection of retaliations against protesters and terrorists who pose security threats, Israel also dropped leaflets over Gaza on Friday encouraging people not to partake in the violent protests encouraged by Hamas. While the warning was not completely heeded, the decline in attendees may be a result of the clarity provided by these leaflets.