Telem is a cooperative community (moshav in Hebrew) located in the southern Judean Hills, west of Kiyrat Arba (Hebron), founded in 1982. It is governed by the Har Hebron Regional Council and is home to approximately 80 families. It is described as a warm and cohesive family where everyone can live in his own way and faith in respect and reciprocity.

Its original name was Mitzpe Guvrin since it overlooks the Beit Guvrin region. The Har Hebron Regional Council only governs 15 settlements: Adora, Eshkolot, Bet Hagai, Tene, Karmel, Livna, Ma’om, Metzadot Yehuda (a.k.a. Bet Yatir), Negohot, Sansana, Susya, Atniel, Pne Hever (a.k.a Ma’ale Hever), Shim’a’a, Omarim, Atni’el and, lastly, Telem.

The community expanded rapidly in 2002 with the migration of 20 or so families. A school for religious studies was founded in addition to kindergartens, a nursery school, synagogue, ritual bath, youth groups, classes, and a library.

Most of the residents work in Kiryat Arba, Hebron and the Shfela, Kiryat Gat and Jerusalem areas. However, there are some local businesses including Patam Farm, a ballet factory, a goat pen and more. The community has agriculture including grape vineyards and chicken coops.

Telem is located 20 minutes from Kiryat Gat, 30 minutes from Jerusalem and 25 minutes from Beit Shemesh. Today there is full occupancy and this summer construction is scheduled.