(Hamas identified ten of those killed as members of the banned terror organization. Photo Credit: Twitter)

Approximately 40,000 Arabs marked Naqba day, the “disaster” of Israel’s birth 70 years ago, by turning out to join the latest iteration of border riots on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rioters came armed with Molotov cocktails and the now notorious kite-bombs, and it is believed that many concealed knives on their person after Hamas, the authoritarian terror group which rules Gaza, called on people to come with knives and hide them until inside Israeli territory, and use them to threaten and kidnap Israeli citizens.

Predictably, international opinion turned against Israel for defending itself from Hamas’s deceptive tactics, with broadcasts referring to a “massacre” of “innocent protesters”. In total, 58 people were killed.

Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, responded by calling on the body to speak out against Hamas’ deliberate war crimes.


Only later, after the condemnations had been issued by leaders and governments around the world, did Islamic Jihad and Hamas, two prominent terror groups based in Gaza, admit that at least 13 of those killed were members of their organizations.  Amongst those was a 16-year old boy, whose membership in a military organization constituted a cynical exploitation in contravention of international law.


The Israeli government also pointed to directives issued by Hamas on Facebook, which told people to secretly bring weapons to the violent demonstrations.

“Bring a knife, a dagger or a gun… keep it under your clothes”, read a post on Facebook with instructions to rioters to kidnap Israeli civilians from nearby communities and take them to Hamas as fast as possible.