Photo of flowers in Tal Menashe [Photo Credit: Dudu Shneor]

Tal Menashe is a village located near Mount Amir in northern Samaria close to the trans-Samarian Highway. It is located next to the villages of Katzir, Harish and Shaked. The community is comprised of approximately 100 Orthodox Jewish families and is the only Orthodox community in the region after the disengagement in 2005, where four communities in the region were disbanded.

“Tal Menashe” means “Menashe Dew” and the community is located in the land that was allotted to the Tribe of Menashe (Joseph’s son) during the time of Joshua. The village was founded by a group of Israelis from a Kollel in Mevaseret Zion and the Technion with the Jewish Agency in 1999 on Israeli Government Land.

The families that reside in Tal Menashe are comprised of native Israelis and immigrants from France, Argentina, and Switzerland. Most of the residents are professionals, working in education, security, technology, administration and more. They typically commute for work to nearby communities.

Within the community, there are daycare centers and kindergartens. There are after-school activities and youth groups, as well as a library, parks and medical center. In the neighboring villages are schools for older children, grocery stores, pools, and more.

Tal Menashe is located on a fairly flat plain but is surrounded by lush greenery and fields. Grown in the fields are plants mentioned in the bible, including the Seven Species and nearby are nature trails filled with beautiful flowers. The community of Tal Menashe even has a petting zoo that includes goats and peacocks.

Tal Menashe falls under the jurisdiction of the Samaria Regional Council.