1,957 houses advanced, over 1,000 more due to be marketed by Israel’s Housing Ministry soon

Israel’s Defense Ministry committee moved on Wednesday to advance plans for nearly 2,000 homes throughout Israel’s biblical heartland on Wednesday.

1,957 homes were green-lighted by the Civil Administration’s High Planning subcommittee, with 696 given final approval for construction. Another set of projects including some 1,200 homes received the signal to move to forward with plans.

Approximately half of these homes will be located in isolated communities, away from the main blocs of communities, and constitute a statement from the Israeli government that it is dedicated to continue settling the land.

“In recent years, we have been working with the help of government ministers to build and develop the communities of the South Hebron Hills into a strong and well-established bloc that maintains thousands of acres of state land and constitutes a security buffer protecting southern Israel,” said South Hebron Hills regional council chairman Yohai Damari.

The projects receiving final approval for construction included a 70-home plan in the centrally-located community of Ateret, and a 54-home plan in Har Bracha in Samaria. In Judea, an 84-home plan in the Nokdim community and 170 units in Neve Daniel, 84 in Kfar Eldad and another 38 in Kfar Etzion, all part of the Etzion Bloc just south of Jerusalem, were given the go-ahead.

Of the communities given the green light to move to advanced planning stage before building were a 136-home project in the Judean community of Tene Omarim, and a 166-unit plan in Alei Zahav, a Samarian community within the Ariel Bloc, around a half-hour drive from Tel Aviv.


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