An Arab in Hebron attempted to run over a group of soldiers stationed on a road close to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, where the biblical Patriarchs and Matriarchs are buried on Saturday afternoon, during the Jewish holy day of rest. Israeli soldiers managed to avoid injury and opened fire, killing the terrorist before any harm was done.

According to a report from the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, no injuries were sustained by members of the IDF or nearby civilians.

The terrorist, a 35-year-old local, sought to run over and kill two soldiers, including one officer, with a construction vehicle.

The IDF spokesperson’s office explained that the two soldiers noticed the driver behaving strangely and initiated the proper protocols for suspicious persons, warning the driver to stop the vehicle, calling on him to identify himself.

Instead of desisting from the pursuit and attack, the terrorist instead chose to ignore the calls, turned the vehicle around, and attempted to drive over civilians walking nearby.

Noticing this, an additional soldier positioned on a nearby rooftop moved to prevent the attack from developing any further and shot the driver dead.



Less than 20 miles south of Jerusalem, Hebron is one of the most important cities in Judaism, but Jews have been repeatedly ethnically cleansed and attacked in the city over the centuries. Its history stretches back to the beginning of the Bible, when Abraham bought a plot of land there, on which his family was buried.

To this day, many thousands of Jews visit Hebron each year to make a pilgrimage to the first place documented where Jews owned part of the Promised Land. Nowadays, only 800 Jews live in the city, and need a 24 hour army presence to guard them from Arab terrorists.

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