Photo Credits: The Walls of the Old City (Above) & The Jerusalem Lights Festival Facebook Page (Below)

The 10th International Lights Festival is starting tomorrow night! It is being held in the Old City of Jerusalem between June 27 and July 5. The walls of the ancient Old City comes alive at sundown, but the show starts every evening at 20:00 and goes until 23:00 (except on Saturday night, where the show is from 21:00-00:00). This festival is one of the most impressive light shows in the world and was started by the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, the Jerusalem Municipality, and the Jerusalem Development Authority. The Ariel Municipal Company manages and produces the festival.

Residents and tourists alike are free to stroll through the Old City along four main paths to reach over 30 stations with crazy and colorful light effects. The juxtaposition of modern art and lights against the ancient stone walls has not escaped the thousands of people who flock to Jerusalem in order to enjoy the magical festival every year. While attending the festival is free of charge, some people prefer to take a guided tour for a small fee. There are also plenty of vendors throughout the alleyways to buy artwork and food while you wind your way through the stone-paved streets.


Some of the stops include sound-and-light shows, videos and large projections on the side of the Old City walls that transform the landscape, and booths that feature artists selling their works. A few show-stopping highlights include: “World of Lights Festival” at the Damascus gate, which showcases light festivals from around the world; The interactive “Waterlight Graffiti”, by French artist Antonin Foureau, that gets you to paint light with water; and Chinese artist Feng Jiacheng’s “Light Mills” that uses 700 windmills to transform wind into light and inspires the use of natural elements.


This event is an amazing experience for all ages. We hope to see you there!