Tekoa’s 4th Annual Beer Festival is tonight at 20:30. Beer festivals have sprouted up across Israel over the last few years, but Tekoa’s is wholly unique in that it offers very few, if any, commercially available brands of beer. Last year 1,500 people attended the festival.

The beer festival hosts many brewers, including 16 local brewers from Tekoa. And while the beers are all high-quality, most of these brewers are only crafting beer as a hobby! Some of their main occupations include teachers, lawyers, and doctors. One of the brewers from last years festival, Eli Birnbaum, is a retired psychologist. He shared that brewing beer and hosting the Festival in Tekoa was special because Tekoa is home to the most amount of musicians and artists in Israel. He said, “People here are so creative, but are also so willing to share.”

The festival will have a lot of vendors selling food and there will be performances by Jerry’s Kids and Lazer Lloyd featuring Ronnie Peterson (Rock and Blues musicians). Tickets to the Tekoa Beer Festival are 60 shekels (or about $16) and the first beer is on the house. There are also free shuttles between Tekoa and Jerusalem that will be running throughout the night. So stay safe and have fun!