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Gift of Nature Spa Set

WAS $40

NOW $30

This wonderful cosmetic set from Gift of Nature makes a great gift for anyone! Gift of Nature was established by Shlomit Cohen of Bat Ayin, Gush Etzion. Shlomit produces a wide variety of all-natural cosmetics with fragrant aromas and special healing benefits. This special spa set includes Dead Sea bath salt, a Dead Sea mud mask, and a towel.

Shepherd's Honey

Was $13

NOW $12

This all-natural honey is cultivated from Asaf’s 300 beehives located in the Golan Heights. These hives with combs dripping with sweet honey are able to thrive undisturbed and in a cooler climate than the rest of Israel.  The honey, produced from wildflowers in the region, is extracted from the hives by Asaf and the process does not require heating or the addition of additives, making this product natural and healthy.

Handcrafted Necklace by Rachel Sorek

Was $25

NOW $22

Rachel’s studio is situated above her home in the beautiful community of Ofra, just north of Jerusalem. She opened her studio in 2012 in order to focus on making handcrafted jewelry. She makes every piece with lots of love and attention. This beautiful piece can be worn for formal and casual events.

Argan Oil Anti-Aging Cream

Was $22

Now $18

Itamar Perfumes was founded in the community of Itamar in 1994 by Shimon Barda. From the outset Shimon’s mission has been to produce all natural deodorants, perfumes, and creams. He studied and collected thousands of plants and established a laboratory. Itamar Perfumes achieved what no one thought they could and today manufactures a wide range of all natural products. The cream included in this package is rich in natural ingredients and is intended to be used on the face and other dry skin.

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BDS Boycott Claims Another Major Brand

As of this past month, global sports brand Adidas will no longer sponsor the Israel Football Association (IFA) after repeated protest from the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. Adidas is just one major brand that has been viciously boycotted by the BDS...
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What will I find in my package from Lev HaOlam?

The packages sent by Lev HaOlam change each month, and contain a wide variety of goodies. Regular items include natural products, jewelry, olive oil, food products, spices, clothing and more. Each box includes numerous items sourced from Israel’s agricultural...
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Spain and Germany Set an Example to Overturn BDS Movement

Last week, two cities in Spain made a bold statement after they overturned a pledge to join the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement. Villarrobledo, a small city about 100 miles from the capital of Madrid, originally signed up to be part of the BDS...
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Anti BDS Hero

Over the past month, Ireland has sent shockwaves throughout the world by voting in favor of passing a bill that would ban the import of products created in Israel’s Judea & Samaria territory. What’s most alarming about this bill is that it sets the stage for other...
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What’s Included in a Lev Haolam Box?

Every month is a new surprise in your mailbox! We strive to curate a variety of goodies that might include food products, clothing, jewelry, books, drinks, and natural products. Each box has hand-picked items from Judea & Samaria. Thousands of years ago, these two...
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Surprise Development: Slovakia moves to Open Embassy in Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and Slovakia Speaker of the Parliament Andrej Danko in Jerusalem (Slovak Embassy in Israel). Slovakia is planning to open a cultural center in Jerusalem with a view to moving its embassy in Israel's capital, declared a Slovakian...
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Israelis Come Together to Collect Clothes and Toys for Syrian Refugees

Israelis in the Golan Heights pose with donations for Syrian refugees. (Photo courtesy of Golan Regional Council) Israel has launched an urgent drive urging local residents in the region close to Syria to help refugees by donating clothes and toys. So far over 50 tons...
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