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All boxes contain a selection of amazing products. Images and videos from ads or the website portray examples of some previous boxes.
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Lev Haolam
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1,306 reviews
Tina Louise
star star star star star
I am so happy for this organization I could cry! The product is EXCELLENCE. Beautiful organic creams, honeys, nuts, hand crafted pieces, facial scrub, coffee, facial lotion, face suntan lotion… The stories… I’m on my fourth box. Thank you Lev Haolam. I am so blessed to receive from this organization in Israel. Each box is so thoughtfully put together. I am excited when I receive a box. I feel emotional when I open it. Every box is a story. One of the best parts is the anticipation for next month! Order yours today. You will be so happy you did. Much love to you.
Wendelin McCoy
star star star star star
The most inspirational gift. The entire package was carefully and artistically designed for an experience that touched my soul. It was a magic gift from G_d!
Ellyn Harris
star star star star star
For 3 years when my box from Israel arrives and it is exciting. I’m happy & impressed by the assortment of curated gourmet food, crafted cosmetics (soaps & lotions) & wonderful art & Jewish themed items( jewelry, ceramics, books & pamphlets) that help support an understanding of the Jewish year. The abundance of items that arrives allows me to put aside some for thoughtful gifts for my loved ones during the year.
Paula Golladay
star star star star star
There are not enough stars in the universe to appropriately rate Lev Haolam. May all of the stars created by G-d shine forth for the wonderful amazing dearly loved Lev Haolam staff and ALL of the artists, farmers, photographers, wineries. and so many more individuals. My passion and love for Lev Haolam is as wide as the universe!!!!
Sarah Pickette
star star star star star
I appreciate the care and quality of products grown and made in Israel. The quality and variety are wonderful surprises each month. I also appreciate to be able to support these businesses represented in Israel.
Jean Schucker
star star star star star
We love supporting your cause. As long-time members, we are so excited each month to receive the Lev Haolam in the mail. The packaging is great, the stories so interesting, and the products are always appreciated by us and our neighbors and friends. The art work is terrific! As an artist and organic gardener, i relish the beautiful designs and artwork on every product. Thank you!
star star star star star
When the Lev HaOlam Box arrives, we are always excited to open it and see what the Bible theme is and the teachings, or artwork, or scriptures inside. Then on top of all that, there is always wonderful Israeli snacks, foods, lotions, face washes and so much more. The boxes are delightful! Thank you for always keeping them attached to the Word of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and introducing the entrepreneurs of Israel.
Samuel Cohen
star star star star star
This awesome box that arrives each month is stocked with the best products from Israel and Judea and Samaria region specially. Great quality food, liquors, superb pottery, jewelry or judaica that are usually hard to find anywhere except on LevHaOlam. Great job!